Emco Musli : An Oat-standing Healthy Treat for All!

Emco Musli : An Oat-standing Healthy Treat for All!

13 AUG 2023

An Oat-standing Healthy Treat for All!

MANILA, Philippines — Nowadays, searching for a healthy snack for you and your family can sometimes be difficult to do. As the food landscape is saturated with options adorned with flashy packaging and promises of quick fixes, it’s only natural to feel both overwhelmed and skeptical. Amidst this challenge, one option definitely stands out for its versatility, reliability, and health benefits: oats! 

These days, whether you’re a health-conscious individual, trying to lose weight, or just looking for a positive change in their diet, oats will spoil you for choice. Oats are one of the healthiest grains on Earth. This nutritious powerhouse is packed with essential nutrients such as beta-glucan fibers, vitamins, and avenanthramide antioxidants. You can definitely count on oats to help you reduce your weight and blood sugar levels, while keeping your heart healthy and happy!

As you enter the world of healthy snacking, oats are the ultimate game-changer. Gone are the days where oats are cooked with just water. You can enjoy all the benefits these grains have to offer in a variety of different delicious ways:

Add a little flavor to your oats with Musli

Containing freeze-dried fruits to preserve the same nutritional contents as fresh fruit, Emco Crunchy Musli Cereal empowers you to take charge of your health deliciously! The Blueberries and Raspberries variant is a hit with those who appreciate sweet and tart berries. The Strawberry and Almonds variant offers a lovely balance of berries and real almonds. Those who are into exotic fruits will love the Tropical Fruits variant which has real coconuts, bananas, and mangoes. Fans of the classics might also like the Honey & Hazelnuts as well as the Chocolates & Hazelnuts variants.

Indulge guilt-free

For a sweet but healthy treat, the Emco Crunchy Granola range has a selection of  lip-smacking options. The Triple Chocolate variant with three types of premium chocolate including real chocolate curls is a favorite among chocolate lovers! The Crispy Caramel granola has a surprise crunch with every bite. Meanwhile, the limited edition Chocolate & Cherry variant is a lovely blend for black forest enthusiasts. Each spoonful of Emco’s Crunchy Granola guarantees a delightful experience in every bite.

Oats on the go

No time to sit down and prepare a bowl of Granola? Savor the oat-someness of the Musli on the go with the Emco Oat Biscuits! Available in Hazelnut, Blueberry, and Chocolate flavors, each pack contains 6 oat-full biscuits that can help provide the much-needed energy for the day. Whether it’s for your child’s snack in school, for your post-work-out snack, or your quick busy work day bite, these oat biscuits are your go-to choice!

Back to basics

Finally, for those who are fans of the classic oatmeal or would prefer to add flavors on their own, the Emco Oat Flakes are available in a range including Instant White Oats, Small Leaves, Big Leaves, and Oat Bran. 

Oats offer a ton of amazing health benefits for everyone. Whether young or old, diet-conscious or indulgent, there is now an oat product for every type of person.. With a wide array of scrumptious treats, embark on a journey that is healthy, guilt-free, and indulgent as Musli brings you, your family, and your friends a snack that they will ultimately love! 

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