Expiration Date: December 24, 2021

S&B adopted the same method from making chocolate to create curry bar. Consisting of curry powder, flour, and seasoning, a bar could quickly transform mundane stew into fine curry simply by adding them to the mix. This convenience contributed greatly to the popularization and development of Japan’s curry culture, of which S&B leads the way with products like Golden Curry.

Serving Instructions: (Ingredients for 11 servings)
*Please cut all the ingredients into bite-size pieces.
Meat: 400g, onion: 3 medium-size (600g), carrot: 1 medium-size (200g), potato: 2 medium-size (300g), salad oil: 2 tablespoon2, water:1400ml (7 cups), curry:1 box (198g)
*for a serving size of 5-6 (1/2 of the curry), reduce the ingredients to half and water to 750ml.

How to prepare
1. Carefully sauté the ingredients and oil in a heavy pot. Add water.
2. After the water starts to boil, remove any scum for the pot and boil with the lid of the pot slightly open.
3. Turn the heat off and add the roux curry, then mix well.
4. Continue to boil the curry mixing occasionally; it is down when the curry becomes thick. 

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S&B Curry Bar Golden #3 Medium Hot 198g

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